The Price of Redemption


The first franchise from Omniv8rse Entertainment is called Upyri The Price of Redemption. The Price of Redemption is a three volume anthology series that explores the lives of supernatural beings seeking redemption who get caught in the web of a government conspiracy.

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Upyri Price of Redemption Series Volume 1


Confidential Lexicon by Omniv8rse Entertainment

Title: Upyri Lexicon

Synopsis: The Upyri Lexicon provides an overview of the series and previews all of the characters and organizations within volume 1.

Title: A Love That Never Died

Synopsis: Delilah is a passion merchant that deals in the currency of political favors but when her own fragile psyche is confronted by a secret from her past her quest for revenge threatens everything she has built.

Title: Trust in Blood

Synopsis: When a family spat prompts debutante Margret Gibson to sulk on the “wrong” side of town, she enters a world that is more dangerous than she could imagine.

Title: The Land of Blood and Bone

Synopsis: Marine Sgt. John Adoyo’s detachment in Iraq is ambushed and insurgents capture him. A night of torture reveals a buried past that will change his life forever.