Unsigned Review Podcast

The Unsigned Review is a 35 minute podcast show that will be released once a month starting February 2021, through YouTube. Hosted by Lonnie J Jackson and Deshawn Marks, it’s a podcast that showcases unsigned artists who are creating an impact within their industry without the backing of a major entity. 


The Unsigned review provides a platform for artists to present their music brand and message to the world and it gives the audience a chance to connect with the artist and gain a better understanding of their “Artist Personality”. 


We strive to make the show interactive in which the fans can rate the artist, by headphones based on the artist's complete portfolio consisting of performance, body of work, personal story, business and community efforts. 


Music is another form of communication and it’s vibrations resonate with people and pushes past cultural differences, genres, ethnicities, Race, Nationality, religion etc. We look to bridge the gap within our communities and continue to empower the cultures with this platform.